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Documental del Punto en la Montaña

Hepatitis C virus care cascade among people who inject drugs in Puerto Rico: Minimal HCV treatment and substantial barriers to HCV care

Yesenia Aponte-Meléndez, PhD(ella/she/her)

CUNY Graduate School of Public Health and Health Policy

Institute for Implementation Science in Population Health

55 W 125th Street | New York,  NY 10027 |  (347) 335-4123

Perpetuating Harm: The War on Drugs and the marginalization of drug users

Yesenia Aponte-Melendez, Ph.D.


“Tsunami”: the impact of the War on Drugs over the body

Nilda Rivera-López, Project Coordinador

Yesenia Aponte-Meléndez, PhD Candidate, Co-Founder

October 23-26 2014 

Rural and urban injection drug use in Puerto Rico: Network implications for human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus infection

C. Thrash, M. Welch-Lazoritz, G. Gauthier, B. Khan, R. Abadie, K. Dombrowski, S. Miranda De Leon & Y. Rolon Colon


Journal of Ethnicity in Substance Abuse

doi: 10.1080/15332640.2017.1326864

Differential access to syringe exchange and other prevention activities among people who inject drugs in rural and urban areas of Puerto Rico

Melissa Welch-Lazoritz, Patrick Habecker, Kirk Dombrowski, Angelica Rivera Villegas, Carmen Ana Davila, Yadira Rolón Colón, Sandra Miranda De León


La reducción de daños: teoría, mitos y prácticas en áreas rurales de Puerto Rico

Camila Gelpí Acosta, Ph.D.

13-15 de diciembre del 2013

Imploding Oblivion: El Punto en la Montaña  

Joseph Carroll-Miranda Ph.D.

November 18-21 2010

Using Network Sampling and Recruitment Data to Understand Social Structures Related to Community Health in a Population of People Who Inject Drugs in Rural Puerto Rico

Mayra Coronado-García; Courtney R. Thrash, MA; Melissa Welch-Lazoritz, MA; Robin Gauthier, PhD; Juan Carlos Reyes, EdD; Bilal Khan, PhD; Kirk Dombrowski, PhD


“It Ruined My Life”: The effects of the War on Drugs on people who inject drugs (PWID) in rural Puerto Rico
R. Abadiea, C. Gelpi-Acostaa, C. Davilaa, A. Riveraa, M. Welch-Lazoritza, K. ombrowski

19 June 2017

Social determinants of HIV/HCV co-infection: A case study from people who inject drugs in rural Puerto Rico

Roberto Abadie, Melissa Welch-Lazoritz, Bilal Khan, Kirk Dombrowski


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